The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School Environment Group in recent years has become an integral aspect of the school community, with the Environment Captains acting to increase awareness and action on environmental issues. The Environment Committee is a vibrant and motivated group composed of two Environment Co-Captains, and around 20 passionate, dedicated students from across all four year levels.

The aim of the Environment Committee is to educate and empower students in caring for their environment, as well as to improve school infrastructure to make Mac.Rob more sustainable.The pinnacle event in Mac.Rob’s Enviro calendar is Environment Week. This is an annual event characterised by enthusiasm-inspiring events such as a clothing and book swap, a recycled fashion parade, workshops, guest speakers and much more. We also hold other events throughout the year and encourage student participation in environmental events organised by the wider community, such as Clean Up Australia Day at Albert Park Lake, myrnong yam planting with Melbourne Girls' College, the sustainability challenge, and participation in Earth Hour.

In recent years we have extended our network and developed a close association with the Port Phillip EcoCentre. We have teams looking after different aspects of sustainability whose job is to make sure we attain status as a Resource Smart School. The teams have been trained by experts in the fields of Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Waste and we meet regularly with a facilitator from the Centre who provides advice and support in our endeavours.

By creating environmental change at Mac.Rob and within our local community, we hope to initiate a ripple effect of changing social consciousness, and encourage students to give environmental issues a high priority.