Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do our students come from?
A. There are no geographical zones or "feeder" schools providing students for The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School. Our students come from all over the state, the only enrolment criteria being the selection procedures as outlined above. We cannot accept international students, as we require that all our students be either Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia. However, we do have a flourishing program for temporary exchange students from many countries.

Q. Can my daughter get a scholarship to Mac.Rob?
A. No. All students are required to sit the entrance exam. 

Q. When are school tours held?
A. School tours are scheduled at various times throughout the year, usually occurring at the beginning of Term 2 and the end of Term 3. When available, tour dates are provided under the 'Enrolment' heading. 

Q. What are the term dates?

A. Term dates and public holidays across Australia can be found on the Department of Education and Training Term Dates Across Australia

Q. How can I find information on the VCE exam timetable?
A. Information on the VCE exam timetable can be found on the VCAA website.

Q. How do we meet the educational and wellbeing needs of intellectually gifted, academically talented girls?
A. Mac.Rob is committed to supporting and developing our students through the implementation of programs based on sound, current research from Australia and overseas. We also seek and respond to feedback from students and families on an ongoing basis. For further information please see the attached article: ‘Understanding Gifted Learners at The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School’