I.C.T. Student Leadership

At Mac.Rob, students have a strong voice in regard to ICT. Each year two ICT Captains are elected by their peers; these students sit on the E-Learning Committee (a staff committee led by the Director of E-Learning), and provide a student perspective and opinion on the nature and direction of e-Learning and ICT at Mac.Rob. The e-Learning Committee is responsible for creating and realising the Mac.Rob e-learning plan; the IT Captains’ contribution at these meetings is crucial as they represent the voice of the students. The IT Captains are also responsible for feeding the information from these meetings back to the student body.

The IT Captains also lead their own committee of around 15 passionate, dedicated students from across all four year levels. This role of this committee is to:

  • raise the profile of e-Learning and ICT in the school community

  • help to share e-Learning and ICT knowledge and skills among the school community

  • help students and staff to troubleshoot ICT problems 

  • liaise with and learn from the e-Learning and ICT committees of other schools 

  • organise the annual IT week