New Students


We realise that changing schools can be daunting! At MacRob, we endeavour to make the transition into all year levels as quick and easy as possible. For all of our new students we encourage relationships with existing students through the allocation of student mentors. The transition program for Year 9 students involves LINKS leader and transport buddy programs, and the organisation a number of activities, such as camp and form group competitions, that help new students get to know one another quickly. For students entering the school at Years 10-12 participation in an orientation and transition program provides information and support for a smooth start at MacRob. The Heads of Middle and Senior School, Year Level Coordinators, the Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Form teachers are all on hand to support and guide new students as they enter the school.


Students are expected to be regular and punctual in attendance at school. There is rigorous monitoring of attendance on a daily basis and we request parent support in this matter.

All students should be at school by 8.20am each morning in order to be ready for the day’s program.

Absence from School

When a student is absent from school please phone 9864 7759 or email on the day of absence. Clearly state your daughter’s name, form class and the date of her absence/s.

Permission to leave school early during school hours

If a student needs to leave school early she requires a note from home clearly stating a reason for the early departure, the time the student is required to leave, and the student's name and Form group is to be given to the relevant sub-school office between 8.15am - 8.30am on the day that the Early Leaver's Pass is required.

Note: Formal lessons finish at 1.35pm on a Wednesday allowing students time to attend to extracurricular activities or other school events. Parents are encouraged to use this time to make dental or medical appointments, after first checking that your daughter is not required at school on that afternoon. 

Late Arrival

All students who are late must sign in using their Compass ID card at one of the two kiosks located at the Middle School office and at the entrance to the LRC in the Lakeside building. A note of explanation for this lateness is to be given to the Form Teacher on the day, or on the day immediately following. 

Uniform Passes

Full school uniform is compulsory. If, for any reason, a student is unable to wear full, correct uniform, a letter of explanation should be supplied to her Year Level Coordinator before the start of the school day in order for the student to be issued with a uniform pass. The note must include a reason for the student not wearing correct uniform.


The blazer is the compulsory outer garment of the school uniform. Students are not allowed to wear the jumper as the outer garment to or from school. It is an expectation that the blazer is worn to and from school unless the weather is particularly hot in which case students may wear their summer dresses without a blazer.


Jewellery should be simple and appropriate to wear with school uniform. A watch, a pair of sleeper or stud earrings for those who have pierced ears are acceptable. Nose rings or studs and other facial adornments and piercings are not acceptable forms of jewellery. A religious symbol may be worn on a chain that cannot be seen above the line of the school uniform. Necklaces, rings, bangles are not to be worn. Girls may wear school badges or charity badges only.

Hair and Makeup

It is expected that hair will be of a natural hue if hair colouring is used. Ribbons and other hair ties, if used, should be in the school colours of maroon or grey.

Students are NOT to wear makeup, nail polish, additional piercings or jewellery other than that already stated.

Extended Family Holidays

The school is to be notified one term in advance of any extended absence of a student during the year. The student is expected to complete any work requirements prior to being absent and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure any such work is completed and that they are prepared for their return to school. A note of full explanation is to be given to the Year Coordinator with sufficient notice to make arrangements with class teachers. 

School Newsletter

This provides information to parents and students about the school and coming events of interest. It published fortnightly and is emailed to all students as well as to parents who have subscribed to the newsletter distribution list. Current and past newsletters are also available on the website in the ‘News’ section. 

Illness at School

The first-aid assistant (Paula Glover) is on hand to provide assistance to students who are unwell. Students who are ill during school hours will not be sent home without parental permission. Laws prevent the school from dispensing any medication (including Panadol) to students without a specific note from parents requesting such treatment. We would ask that, where possible, students who are ill are kept at home so that they may recover more quickly and illness is not spread to others.