Our Principal

Welcome to The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School!

As the tenth Principal of The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School I would like to acknowledge the Principals who have come before me and their images in our Portrait Gallery remind me of the responsibility I have to carry forward their legacy of ensuring that we continue to be the eminent academic girls’ school in Victoria. I am humbled by my appointment to this position. I feel well prepared and am inspired to lead the community.

Established in 1934 as The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, our school has had a long and rich history spanning two centuries. In this time, it has developed a unique culture of excellence and vibrancy of education provision for girls. Our students connect as an alumnus on a life-long basis as supported by The Palladians.

We are committed to a set of core values that genuinely permeate the life of the school and have a significant impact on the educational experience and achievement of our students. These values include:

Engendering a love of learning 

Offering an education based on liberal, democratic values 

Achieving exceptional academic success 

Providing a challenging, tolerant and supportive environment 

Fostering confidence, responsibility and self-discipline 

Cultivating integrity and mutual respect 

Developing effective leadership skills 

Meeting the challenges of the future while respecting the past 

The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School is a contemporary and generous school with strong future and global thinking where student voice is central to our core values. In essence, I see The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School as a ’thinking’ school – one that is a trusted space where students can be themselves, love learning and aspire to academic excellence. We have a reputation as a world class learning environment with inspiring teachers where students develop a passion for learning, are empowered to synthesise the complexities of the world and to be creative, respectful and ethical citizens. As Principal I seek for all our MacRobbians to be critical, creative and caring thinkers, well prepared to make their mark on the world. 

I encourage parents considering The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School for their daughters to attend our annual Information Evening or join a school tour to experience our unique and outstanding educational environment. 

Dr Toni E. Meath


Dr Toni Meath brings broad leadership experience to her role as Principal of Victoria’s oldest and one of Australia’s leading academic schools, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School.

A graduate of Sydney University and The University of Melbourne, Toni’s work in education innovation has been published both nationally and internationally.  Her doctoral dissertation titled “A case study of the implementation of the VELS Thinking Processes Domain for gifted learners” is concerned with the interface of the thinking curriculum, teacher pedagogical content knowledge and gifted education. Toni has presented her work at state, national and international conferences.

Toni is currently in her second term as one of three elected Australian delegates for the World council of Gifted Education (2011- 2015), a member of The Select Entry Schools Network, The Inner City Edge Network of Secondary Colleges, The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Network, The Victorian Association of State Secondary Girls’ Schools and a recently invited member of The Invergowrie Foundation.  Previously she has served as an elected member of the Asia Pacific Federation of Gifted Education (2004 -2008), a panel member for the VIT Professional Conduct Branch (2004-2009) and as a VAGTC committee member (2008). Toni is a long term member of the Victorian Association of Secondary Schools Principals (VASSP) and the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL).

Prior to becoming Principal of The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School in 2013, Toni was the founding Assistant Principal of Nossal High School, Victoria’s first co-educational Select Entry High School. Before this Toni was Assistant Principal at Mordialloc College and Director of Staff Development at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College. Her portfolio across all schools has been one of leading a strong performance and development culture.

Personalising learning and developing curriculum for highly able students is her particular area of expertise.  As an educator, Toni is passionate about the importance of using critical thinking and problem solving in student centred pedagogical approaches as ways to prepare students for success in their future world. As a leader, Toni is passionate about the importance of the role of students and teachers in leading school transformation and is a strong believer in their collective capacity to drive change. Toni is excited to be a part of the next phase of growth of this flagship school for academically talented girls. Her intent is to enable The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School to continue to flourish as a vibrant community of learners and most significantly to create and share knowledge as an exemplar in gifted education.

Toni has held a lifelong passion for the arts, in particular dance and music, and is a committed Patron of The Australian Ballet. Toni is also an avid reader and gardener and has an exuberant Labrador called Leisl. 

Conference Presentations

 2012  ACEL Conference, ‘An Inquiry Mindset’, 1 – 4th  September, 2012, Brisbane, Australia, ‘Nossal High School – responding creatively to the curriculum and pedagogical needs of highly able students’ 

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19th World Conference for Gifted and Talented Children, Prague, Czech Republic, 8 - 12th August, 2011,Doctoral Dissertation presentation plus Symposium with Monash University on the ‘creation of Nossal High School’

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National PEEL Conference 2002, “Effective Learning Teams. Structure, Organisation and Operation”

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Professional Panels & Affiliations / Membership 

  DEECD Gifted and Talented Expert Reference Group (2013 - )

  VIT Panel of Professional Practice and Conduct chaired by Christine Hazelwood (2004 - 2006)

  VIT Panel of Professional Practice and Conduct chaired by Susan Halliday (2006 - 2009)

  VASSP, Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (2006 - )

  ACEL, Australian Council of Educational Leaders (2006 - )

 WGTC, World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (2002- ), currently 1 of 3 Australian elected representatives (2011 - 2015)

  APFGTC, Asia-Pacific Federation of The World Council for Gifted and Talented Education (2002- )
(1 of 3 Australian elected representatives, 2004 - 2008)

  AAGTC, Australian Association Gifted & Talented Children (2004 - )

  VAGTC, Victorian Association of Gifted & Talented Children (2004 - )

  OLT, Victorian State Gifted Special Programs Network Group led by Betty Skantos (2001 - 2007)

  Select Entry Network (2009 - )

  City Edge Network (2013- )

  Alliance of Girls’ Schools (2013- )

  Victorian Girls’ State Secondary  Schools (2013- )

  South East Education Forum (2009 - 2013 )

  Melbourne Youth Music (2004 - 2012)

  The Australian Ballet, Leadership Circle Patron (2003 - )