Parents' Association



parents@macrob is an association of parents of current and past students at Mac.Robertson Girls' High School. We help parents get to know the school, keep parents informed and help parents feel part of our school community. We liaise with the school staff, students and council. We raise money and run activities and programs for the school, students, teachers and parents. 

For most of us, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School is a not a neighbourhood school. We send our daughters off early in the morning and they come back late in the afternoon or evening. They come from all over Melbourne, and many travel large distances. Because there is a limit on the number of students coming to Mac.Rob from any one school, there are not a lot of people at the school that you or your daughters know. 

The girls accept this and fortunately it is part of the Mac.Rob ethos that they accept that they have to make new friends. For the parents, it is different. There is no neighbourhood circle. You do not know the parents or children as you did from the local state school, kindergarten or crèche. You don't meet Mac.Rob students or their parents down the street. 

You will most likely first see us in action at the information evening for incoming Year 9 parents in November. We welcome year 9 parents early in the year with a free barbecue, where they can relax and meet one other. 

We hold a second hand uniform sale in December each year to help keep the price of school attendance affordable. This is also a fundraiser which allows us to run our other activities and grants (see below). 

We cater for a staff morning tea to thank the school staff members for the fantastic job they do. We provide basic catering for school functions such as the combined Mac.Rob/MHS school production and school plays. We also organise whole school parent events such as the International Ball. 

We make funds available to the school for equipment and facilities as the need arises. We have a small grant scheme to offer financial assistance for extra-curricular activities for the students. We even have a student welfare fund. 
Our monthly meetings are held at 7pm on a Tuesday during school term times. Meetings are held in the function room on the second floor above the theatre in the Gym. We discuss parent and school issues and upcoming events and Assistant Principal Janet McCutcheon keeps us updated, as do School Council members. 

To make your time at Mac.Rob as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for your daughter, please join us at parents@macrob. Our meetings and activities are informative, fun and sociable – and open to all parents. 
We look forward to welcoming you soon. 

For enquiries, feel free to contact us at