Student Grants   

The Parents’ Association is committed to providing support to students and the school community through our fundraising activities. The funds raised by the PA are used to support activities that students are passionate about and which have a school community benefit.

Grants are available for the following types of activities.

Group based student projects

Culturally-based projects and activities

Seed funding for new clubs.

Seed funding for a one-off project/activity which would benefit a charity

Established clubs’ events and activities

Costs involved for additional coaching for sporting groups

Equipment and operating costs for the various sporting clubs within the school.

Seminars or workshops for social, academic and well being outcomes

Extra curricular class activities

Unexpected expenses to a group activity

Please read the grant guidelines prior to completing the application form for further details and to ensure that your activity is eligible for funding.

Applications can be submitted by email to or into the Student Grants Box at the school reception. If you are submitting via the Grants Box please also notify the Association via email.

Applications are assessed at the monthly Parents’ Association committee meetings and students will be informed of the outcome within four days of the meeting.

Recipients of a grant are required to complete an acquittal document following their activity

Please contact: if you have any questions regarding applying for a small grant.

The following student grants were allocated in 2015.

Sports Breakfast Club

Mac.Rob Spartans Cheerleading

Year 11 Formal

Year 12 Formal

Winter Sleepout

Mac.Celebrate Carnival

Year 9 Writing for Writers Project

The Parents’ Association also contributed funds to the establishment of the Mac.Rob Foundation. THe PA also fund several end of year Speech Night Awards, including the Linda Harvey Award.