Social Service

"We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right." - Martin Luther King Jr.
Social Service is a student-run group at Mac.Rob that co-ordinates, organises and promotes events within the school community that both advocate and fundraise for social issues. The Social Service committee is a dedicated group of students who are concerned by social inequalities such as homelessness, global and Australian poverty, and seek to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Our mission statement is to increase social awareness at Mac.Rob. Every year, each Form group selects a Social Services Representative who attends fortnightly meetings, and in turn informs their class of upcoming events and opportunities. Each year every class selects a charity to support, and it is also the representatives’ responsibility to co-ordinate and organise the class fundraising and advocacy events which are held throughout the year. As a group, we also run other events for the whole school community, in order to raise awareness of social justice issues.

We encourage all students to become involved in Social Service, and to make every year of their time at Mac.Rob ‘the year of giving.’