Student Leadership


Student leadership is one of the cornerstones of Mac.Rob life. Being involved in the school as a leader provides a wide range of opportunities and encourages students to develop skills in: speaking out, sharing their own ideas, and listening to other peoples’ concerns and opinions; building confidence and assertiveness and learning to take risks; decision-making, working as a team, and meeting new people; and organisational skills such as delegating tasks, managing budgets, and following through. 

Students from all year levels attend a number of student leadership forums and conferences arranged by the wider community during the year, and develop their personal and leadership skills through their involvement in these. They include the Victorian Alliance of State Girls’ Conference, the Halogen Youth Leadership Conference, various Vision Generation (World Vision) activities, and the Next Gen Youth Forum, as well as long term programs and projects, such as The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation: Youth in Philanthropy Project.

Further information on the student leadership and co-curricular program can be found in the online handbook.

For further enquiries please contact the Director of Student Leadership and Co-curricular Programs, Ms Michele Dean, on 9864 0716.


 School Captain: Ann Baby

 School Vice-Captain: Devangana Tangri

 SRC President: Caitlin Fleming

 SRC Vice-President: Aiko Ridwan

 Dryads Co-Captains: Cassandra Stamatescu, Jenn Nguyen

 Naiads Co-Captains: Kim Luong, Subhashi Ediriweera

 Nereids Co-Captains: Faith Lee, Devinya Kugathas

 Oreads Co-Captains: Malathi Jayapadman, Celene Vo

 Social Service Co-Captains: Metta Chalapati, Mavitha Weerakkody

 Music Co-Captains: Lillian Pho, Xiao-Xiao Kingham

 Sport Co-Captains: Victoria Ng, Jessica Tran

 Debating and Public Speaking C0-Captains: Nandini Shah, Aarushi Kaul

 Drama Co-Captains: Gopika Kanangot, Maya Vu

 Environment C0-Captains: Britney Trang, Serena Lieu

 IT Co-Captains: Nilla Kumaran, Joanne La