Student Wellbeing

A Student Wellbeing Coordinator is available at the school to assist students and parents with particular concerns which may arise. These concerns may be school related such as: workload, time management, teacher or friendship problems or outside of school issues such as: family, friends, relationships, balancing responsibilities, or financial problems.

Referrals to outside agencies are made where appropriate. Guidance Officers are also available at the school and the Student Wellbeing Coordinator will make these referrals when necessary.
Workshops for students are organised during the year to promote the wellbeing of students. All Year 10 students take part in the Headsmart Program which is organised and sponsored by The Sunrise Foundation and Orygen Youth Heath. This program assists students in their understanding of depression. Guest speakers with expertise in adolescent issues are organised to speak to different year levels throughout the year, focusing on adolescent health and safety, managing stress and other areas. 

A Peer Support Program led by Year 12 Students operates throughout the year. The Peer Support Leaders assist with students requiring advice about school matters. The Peer Support Leaders also provide lunchtime activities that encourage students to feel part of the school community.

Gillian Baldock,
Student Wellbeing Coordinator