“We are so pleased that our students have received results that will open doors to further learning and opportunities. But ultimately, education is about so much more. And as a school community, we are so proud of all the times our students have tested themselves, shown intellectual courage and strong leadership.” Dr Toni Meath

ATARS above 99:              16.7%

ATARS above 98:              29.2%

ATARS above 95:               62%

Median ATAR: 96.25%

Almost 60% of The Mac.Robertson Girls School students received grades of A or A+ 35.7 per cent of students received an A+, while 23.2 per cent of students received an A. We are really excited that 20 of our students received a raw subject score of 50. We’re also thrilled that the Arts Faculty has done so well, because it signals such a balanced education.

Visual Communication – Average 43

Music Performance – Average 43

Media – Average 42

Studio Arts – average 40