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LRC: Creative Prize Winner

Posted by Oliver Jach on 26 October 2018
LRC: Creative Prize Winner

We are proud to announce that Minseo Kim, from 9F, has been awarded first place in the short story competition at Melton City Libraries. Minseo's story, 'Man, Girl, Rain', took out the teen fiction category in the prize, for those aged 13-17. The story is a vivid depiction of two people- a 'woman' and a 'boy' spreading the ashes of a loved one on the beach. As you read the story you realise that the characters are in reality a 'man', and a 'girl' but trauma has changed their relationship into something else. As a prize Minseo won $200 for herself and $200 for the school. It's clear that Minseo is a talented writer and it is great to see Mac.Rob students being recognised for their achievements outside of school.
Author: Oliver Jach
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