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Winter Music Concert

Posted by Sonny Chua on 9 August 2018
Winter Music Concert
Winter Concert was a successful collaboration of current and past musicians to celebrate the music of Mac.Rob. Works from past Winter Concerts were symbolically performed and past students who are currently on top of 'their game' graciously came back to share their passion. Which in turn, gave our students a glimpse of possibilities! Students worked harder than ever before (for some, that was quite a shock to the system, as they already thought they knew what hard work was!) In refining their musicality and building stamina the students made music of the highest calibre. Our school is so fortunate to have amazing teachers who generously encourage, cajole and inspire greatness in our students. I am also proud of our music student leadership team who supported each other and everyone in the program. It takes great discipline to work at this level and I hope students will look back in the future and appreciate the extraordinary experience they were given.

A concert of this scale involves many people and the tremendous achievement is the result of everyone who helped in anyway, from boring supervision duties to rolling up the sleeves and doing some hard yakka. Thank you so much to Ms Arnott and Dr Meath who were there for the musicians at every step and provided us the courage and strength when needed! And thanks also in particular to Ms Pride for her every-ready enthusiasm and support of everyone! 


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