Clubs and Student Voice

Clubs are important part of our co-curricular program they encourage and enable students to follow their passions and share them with others, give students leadership opportunities, and provide time and space for students to have fun and social time together.

Clubs are a fulfilling way to connect with likeminded peers. Club leaders who come from all year levels take the responsibility of running their Clubs seriously; planning well for meetings, arranging activities, discussion groups, and guest speakers for club members throughout the year.

Some clubs have up to 40 members, and are involved in ongoing volunteering programs in the school and wider community. The list changes annually and ranging from body and mind, language and culture interests, actives, issues, ideas, discussions volunteering and community focuses.

Each year in Term 1, all students are invited to apply to run a club based on interests that complement the curricular and co-curricular programs offered.

Student Voice

Student voice and student-led action are highly valued at Mac.Rob, and critical to the ongoing improvement of our school community. Our SRC lies at the heart of student voice at Mac.Rob; it is an important and influential committee of students from all year levels who represent the voice of their peers on matters including the learning environment, buildings and grounds, social activities, and the curriculum. SRC Presidents are members of School Council and the SRC Student Action Team enables students to make authentic contributions to the leadership of the school. SAT are valued members of many school committees, including curriculum, buildings and wellbeing.

The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School strongly supports and encourages students in developing skills in leadership and presenting opportunities for student voice. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in leadership programs within the school and wider community and to actively contribute to the school and their community through mentoring, student service learning and volunteering.

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