Debating and Public Speaking

The debating and public speaking program at The Mac.Robertson Girl's High School has experienced a strong tradition of talent, achievement and commitment, providing a gateway to vast opportunities throughout school life and beyond it. Mac.Rob students thrive in this area, expanding ideas and perceptions, developing confidence, critical analysis, logic, competitive spirit, teamwork, leadership skills, and surpassing perceived benchmarks on all levels.

Furthermore, debating and public speaking students consistently represent Mac.Rob on all stages, from inter-school competitions to international championships. This is enacted through various programs such as the Debaters' Association of Victoria's Schools Competition, Legacy Public Speaking Competition, Lions Youth of the Year Award, VCAA Plain English Speaking Competition, the MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly), and the Adelaide Exchange.

We encourage all students to get involved with debating and public speaking and would like to wish the best of luck to all girls who are already involved with the group.

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