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Director of Middle School - Leading Teacher Range 3

(Position Number 1123440)

Applications close 14/07/2018

Selection Criteria

SC1         Demonstrated high level understanding of initiatives in student learning including the Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 and Assessment and Reporting Advice and the capacity to provide leadership in the alignment of teaching and learning in accordance with the Victorian curriculum.
SC2         Demonstrated outstanding classroom teaching and leadership skills and capacity to implement high impact classroom teaching strategies, to  lead colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning and to enable all students to achieve their full potential.

SC3         Demonstrated outstanding ability to monitor and assess student learning data at the individual, cohort and whole school level and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning.

SC4         Demonstrated outstanding written and verbal communication skills and high level interpersonal skills including the ability to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with parents, other employees and the broader school community focused on student learning, wellbeing and engagement.

SC5         Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively contribute to and to manage major curriculum or student activities and a commitment to continually improving teaching quality and capacity through the application of knowledge, stills and expertise derived from ongoing professional development and learning.

SC6         Demonstrable capacity to provide high-level educational leadership in the specified area and a deep commitment to the provisioning of ICT-rich programs that challenge and enable intellectually-gifted, academically-talented young women to reach their potential; including enrichment, leadership and cocurricular opportunities.

The Director of Middle School is responsible for implementing and managing the Victorian Curriculum and takes responsibility for ensuring appropriate pedagogy and assessment procedures are embedded into the professional practices of all teachers teaching in Middle School.  S/he will work with the Director of Curriculum to ensure accountability of course delivery and mandated assessment procedures. S/he will play a major role in identifying appropriate professional learning needs of teachers, which will assist them in delivering curriculum which take account of current education research on the ways in which gifted girls learn.  S/he will have proven expertise as a leader in pedagogy which embraces the Principles of Learning and Teaching, have high-level knowledge of ICT and the ways it can be used to enhance curriculum delivery, and be able to lead and implement programs which focus on personalised learning. S/he will be responsible for providing an umbrella structure to support the Wellbeing needs of students that is delivered by the Level Co-ordinators, Form Teachers and Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator. S/he will provide educational leadership in the development, co-ordination and implementation of the Middle School curriculum and student management practices that embrace policy set by the DET and School Council.  S/he will be expected to be fully informed about current trends and developments in education and student management issues, and to make a significant contribution to policy development and implementation relating to teaching and learning and student issues in the Middle School.  S/he should have proven ability to lead others to make recommendations regarding changes to organisational practices. The Director of Middle School should have the ability to build and maintain effective teams and develop cooperative working relationships that promote excellence in teaching and learning.  S/he should have a commitment and capacity to contribute actively to a broad range of school activities as a member of the school team.  It is expected that s/he has the ability to articulate educational issues and perspectives in communication with colleagues and others and is able to gain strong community support and lead staff in achieving school goals.  S/he must show strong commitment to ongoing personal professional growth. The Director of Middle School will be responsible for the effective leadership and management of the Middle School, and undertake other negotiated responsibilities as part of the school's leadership team, including membership of the Leadership Team, the Curriculum Committee, the Wellbeing Committee and the Student Management Committee. The Director of Middle School will provide dynamic leadership to students and staff. S/he will take a leading role to ensure that the principles of VCE are fully adhered to in the curriculum, in teaching practice and in the assessment processes across the Middle School. The Director of Middle School will take a leading role in the development and implementation of school strategic goals and priorities. With the Year 9 and 10 Coordinators and Form Teachers, s/he will develop a strong sense of group identity among students in Years 9 and 10 and ensure that their achievements, individual and group, are acknowledged and celebrated.

STAFF LEADERSHIP Take an active role in supporting and managing the performance of staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning, through mentoring, collegial interaction and critical reflection on practice, feedback and data. Liaise with the Directors of Curriculum and the Assistant Principal, Wellbeing Oversee the work of the Year 9 and Year 10 Co-ordinators to ensure effective management of the Middle School program and the effectiveness of Form Teachers in the Middle School. Convene meetings of the Middle School team on a regular basis. Conduct regular meetings of the teachers at each Year Level. Take an active role in school improvement through participation in the Leadership Team, the Curriculum Committee, the Wellbeing Committee and the Student Management Committee meetings. Liaise with the Director of Senior School to ensure consistent approaches and the smooth transition of students between the sub-schools. Lead teachers of the Middle School to ensure that classroom management strategies and teaching practice achieve outstanding learning outcomes and build robust self-esteem among students.

CURRICULUM LEADERSHIP Model excellence in all teaching and learning related matters, such as the adherence to the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum into classroom, course planning and assessment practices, POLT, P & D culture and personalised learning. As a key member of the Curriculum Committee work to identify curriculum development needs, pedagogical issues and assessment strategies pertinent to the needs of students, with particular reference to the needs of Middle school students. Provide leadership in the development of strategies to raise awareness of the special needs of Middle School students in areas such as enrichment, enhancement and transition. Work with the Domain Leaders to ensure that consistency across classes is achieved in curriculum delivery through moderation and appropriate assessment procedures. Ensure the timely preparation of subject selection handbooks for students and staff. Contribute to information sessions for parents and students. Liaise with the Careers Counsellor, the Director of Middle School and Year Level Coordinators learning programs for students and parents, appropriate course counselling and orientation program.

STUDENT MANAGEMENT Liaise with the Assistant Principal Wellbeing and the Student Wellbeing Coordinator to support Level Co-ordinators in managing student behaviour and Wellbeing and identify areas of professional learning that will assist the Middle School team in effectively managing relationships with students and their parents. Oversee the implementation and review of school-based policy for matters such as student support, transition, student health and Wellbeing, reporting and assessment across the Middle School. Oversee regular meetings of students at each level to develop a strong sense of group identity and to address relevant issues. Ensure the provision of appropriate integration support. Work with the Assistant Principal Wellbeing and Timetabler to resolve subject choice and course selection issues.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Oversee the preparation and management of a program budget, which ensures appropriate resources are available to support the Middle School program.


Student Absentee03 9864 7759

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