How To Enrol At Mac.Rob

All students who wish to gain entry to The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School must undertake an entrance examination in June of the year preceding enrolment and be an Australian citizen or have Permanent Residency status.

As a selective entry government school, the Mac.Robertson Girls' High School is not zoned. We accept students from all across Victoria.

Entry is gained via an independent examination and interview.

Year 9 Enrolment

The Victorian Department of Education and Training Select Entry Unit is responsible for the whole entrance examination, enrolment process and and the allocation of offers for Year 9 2022 entry into the four selective entry high schools in Victoria. 

The Department of Education Selective Entry Information Pack available here.

An information package will be sent via email to all applicants in the week before the entrance examination. Student identification numbers, transport and venue information and tips for taking the entrance examination will be included. The primary source of contact and correspondence by both the DET and The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School will be through email. Applicants are advised not to provide a Hotmail email address.

Should the applicant happen to undergo a family crisis, illness or injury which would prevent them from undertaking the entrance examination, the DET Select Entry Unit must be contacted before the commencement of the examination. In the case of illness or injury, a doctor's certificate must be produced in support of the applicant.

The Entrance Examination

Applications to sit the Year 9 entrance exam for intake in 2022 are now open.

The Entrance Examination for Year 9 intake in 2022 will be held on Saturday, June 19th, 2021 at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Flemington.

Students who are Australian citizens or who have Permanent Resident status, and are in their second year of secondary education at government or non-government schools, are eligible to sit the Entrance Examination.

While the examination is based on the areas of English and Mathematics, each student's potential and ability to reason are also assessed.

Students will be examined in the following areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Persuasive or Creative Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematics

Past exam papers or practice questions are not supplied by the school. The examination is prepared by an educational psychologist who is employed by the DET on behalf of the following select entry schools: The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School.

The English component of the examination requires students to undertake a Persuasive or Creative writing task in addition to Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension tasks which are both in a multiple choice format. There are two numeracy-based multiple choice sections, Numerical Reasoning and Mathematics.

The examination is constructed to allow all students to demonstrate their intellectual capacity rather than curriculum mastery.

How Students Are Selected

At Mac.Rob, students selected for Year 9 entry are allocated in the following way:

  • 85% on score and rank order of an acceptable standard after the Entrance Examination.
  • 10% allocated through Equity Consideration (see DET Information Pack).
  • 5% through the Principal's Discretionary Category.

All students who wish to enrol at Mac.Rob must undertake the entrance examination.

Victorian government policy allows for a maximum of 5% of students in Year 8 from any one school to be accepted into a Select Entry High School (based solely on the examination) each year. For example: If there are 100 Year 8 students enrolled at a particular secondary school, a maximum of 5 students (5% of 100 = 5) from that school can be offered a place across the four Selective Entry High Schools.

This means 5 students between the Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne High School, Nossal High School or Suzanne Cory High School, not 5 students at each school. For each Select Entry High School, 85% of the Year 9 enrolment will be filled in this manner.

The 5% Rule does not apply to students who are offered a place based on Equity Consideration or Principal's Discretion and the number of places available (i.e. places are offered until all 1,010 are allocated).

The Cut-Off Mark

There is no particular mark that a student must attain in the entrance examination to be offered a place at a Selective Entry High School. Each year, over 3000 candidates will sit the entrance examination for a total of approximately 1,010 places (across all four schools). The offers are determined by a combination of entrance examination score, the 5% Rule, Equity Considerations, Principal's Discretion and the number of places available (i.e. places are offered until all 1,010 are allocated).

The Principal's Discretionary Category

The Principal's Discretionary Category places are offered after the Entrance Examination, and are made, by invitation, at the school Principal's discretion. Students will be advised by the DET Selective Entry Unit if they have been invited to apply for the Principal's Discretionary Category.

Up to 15 students may be selected for the Principal's Discretionary Category through application, short-listing and interview. These places are not subject to the 5% Rule. The Principal's decision is final and is not subject to appeal.

Year 10 and 11 Enrolments

Applications to sit the Year 10 and 11 entrance exam for intake in 2022 are now open.

Mac.Rob offers a very small number of student vacancies in Years 10 and 11, and these vary from year to year. The number of vacancies in Years 10 and 11 are conditional on any vacancies that may occur within the Year 9 cohort of the previous year. In any given year, we cannot guarantee that there will be any vacancies in Years 10 or 11.

Vacancies and interviews to fill these vacancies may not be completed until Term 4 every year.

Mac.Rob does not offer enrolment at Year 12.

Entry Requirements For Years 10 and 11

As with Year 9, there is an Entrance Examination for intake at these levels. The examination will be held at The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 for entry to the school in 2022. Candidates will receive information relating to commencement times, what to bring to the examination, and maps by email one week prior to the examination.

At Year 10 and 11 level, students are asked to submit evidence of academic and co-curricular involvement and achievement. Applications will be considered and a shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by a school panel.

While it is preferable that applicants for Year 10 to study one of the four languages offered at the school (French, German, Indonesian and Japanese), it is not mandatory for students entering Year 10 in 2022, and selection will not be based on language choice.

Offers of places at Year 11 depend on vacancies occurring in particular subjects. In any given year, there may be several places available in some subjects, but none in others.

Important Note for Year 10 and 11 Applicants

After receiving their mid-year report (June), applicants should send printed photocopies (not electronic) of their two most recent school reports and a summary of achievement in the areas of academic and co-curricular involvement. Photocopied reports and attachments with the applicant's address and year level applied for clearly written will be requested mid-July each year.

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