Teaching After Trump

The Alliance is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to network with fellow educators at this exciting presentation hosted by The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School.

Guest speaker, esteemed educational futurist Prof Erica McWilliam will be presenting 'Teaching After Trump' in which she elaborates on the substantive work of building girls' capacity for ethical deliberation that is, the sort of informed curriculum and pedagogy that best responds to the unprecedented challenges faced by all women in a changing global order.

McWilliam argues that the age of Trump has brought a new urgency to opinion-forming as a moral-ethical, as well as an intellectual endeavour. It follows that ethical deliberation is now a key educational imperative, particularly in building future-capable women. While some might continue to see the classroom as a place that should, perhaps like sport, be devoid of politics, Erica insists that the effects of power differentials cannot be expunged from any domain of human interactivity. Just as the sporting arena has shown itself increasingly to be a politicised and politicising forum, so too, she argues, the idea that it is possible to teach 'objectively' in some rarefied and deodorized space is a myth. Educators inevitably make interventions in students' lives, and we do so from a place already framed by our past and our present.

Join us for light refreshments followed by this compelling presentation.

Venue: Mac.Rob Theatre
Starting: 6:00 PM
Monday 3rd September 2018
Ending: 8:00 PM

Student Absentee03 9864 7759

ADDRESS350-370 Kings Way,
Melbourne, 3004