All students are allocated to one of four houses: Dryads (green), Naiads (blue), Nereids (white), and Oreads (red). Each house has two captains who are elected towards the end of the previous year. There are also two Middle School house representatives in each house.

Throughout the year, friendly competition exists between the students in their houses as they battle for the House Sporting Shield and House Aggregate Shield awards, which recognises student participation and achievement within the house system. The house activities program embraces a diverse range of activities. Pre-eminent among these are the House Chorals, House Drama, Lipsynching, Swimming and Athletic Carnivals.

A lunchtime program consisting of a variety of co-curricular actives are conducted throughout the year. Although many of these activities are competitive, they are designed to foster a spirit of enjoyment and participation and all students who participate benefit in numerous ways.

House assemblies are held each week to enable students to plan the various activities and find out about coming events. An activities co-ordinator oversees the entire house activities program.

Dryads: Nymphs of the forest.

Naiads: Nymphs of fresh water.

Nereids: Nymphs of the ocean.

Oreads: Nymphs of the mountains, valleys and ravines

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