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Communications Officer  closing date 26 November 2020

Psychologist closing date 26 November 2020

To excel in the provision of education for girls in an intellectually vibrant community.


The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School is committed to:

  • engendering a love of learning
  • offering an education based on liberal - democratic values
  • achieving unequalled academic success
  • providing a challenging, tolerant and supportive environment
  • fostering confidence, responsibility and self-discipline
  • cultivating integrity and mutual respect
  • developing effective leadership skills
  • meeting the challenges of the future while respecting the past


Unique in its status as a state-wide provider for students in Years 9 to 12, The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School is a selective entry school which seeks to remain at the forefront of education for girls in Australia.

Situated in a central city location adjacent to the Albert Park Lake, the school offers outstanding facilities for the delivery of its programs and is attended by students from metropolitan Melbourne and beyond. The selective nature of entry results in a broad socio-economic and cultural mix of students with a strong commitment to academic excellence. The school provides an educational experience that equips girls for tertiary study and leadership roles in a range of fields and industries and develops interests and skills to enhance their personal lives.

At The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School we have an emphasis on student leadership and agency, encouraging our students to develop a deep and enduring passion for learning and a strong sense of self. We welcome applications to join our team from positive, forward-thinking professionals who have a genuine desire to support our students to excel in all aspects of their education.
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