Middle School (Years 9-10)

Year 9 Coordinator - Ms Irma Koulouris

Year 10 Coordinator - Mr Mark Little



The Middle School team works together to look after the wellbeing, behaviour and progress of all Year 9 and 10 students. Mac.Rob is a place of energy, enthusiasm and purpose; we aim to make the students' time at Mac.Rob enjoyable as well as academically challenging. The role of Middle School is to nurture and support students as they make their transition to Mac.Rob and explore the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Teams of Year Coordinators work together to provide support and advice for all students and to respond to those experiencing difficulties. We encourage parents to work in partnership with us to support the development and progress of the students.

Year 9 and 10 Curriculum

The Year 9 Curriculum Handbook and The Year 10 Curriculum Handbook provide detailed information about subjects offered across a broad range of curriculum areas at Mac.Rob. The Middle School Handbook covers general information about the school, including daily school procedures, uniform requirements and assessment and reporting information.

VCE Course Counselling and Subject Selection

All Year 10 girls spend time with a member of the course counselling team so that they fully understand the VCE requirements and are guided towards making the most appropriate course selection for the following 2 years.

Co-Curricular Program

All Year 9's and 10's are encouraged to participate in our wide co-curricular program which covers a huge array of sports, music, drama, debating, social service, clubs and interest groups. There is something for everyone at Mac.Rob and if girls wish to start up a new club or group, the opportunity exists to do so.

Student Wellbeing

If any girls are experiencing any difficulties at the school, they can make an appointment to see the Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Mrs Gillian Baldock. She is available every day to discuss their concerns. In addition there are Peer Support leaders, specially trained Year 12 students, who are available at lunchtimes to offer support, friendship and advice.

Orientation Day

Orientation Day is held in early December. This is an opportunity for students to meet the girls who will be in their form the following year as well as some of their teachers. They are placed in their House and meet the House Captains. They also meet the student leaders for the following year and learn about the extensive co-curricular program. In addition the girls meet their LINKS Leaders on this day. The LINKS Leaders are specially selected

Year 10 girls whose job is to look after the Year 9's, act as a role model, offer advice and answer any questions or concerns they may have. A number of LINKS Leaders are allocated to each Year 9 form. On this day students can sign up for the 'transport buddy' program. This is a program where Year 10 students help Year 9 students travel to and from school via public transport in the first few weeks of term 1.

First Day For Year 9

To help ease the transition process, welcoming the year 9 students is the focus of the first day. They have an information session with their form teacher and Year 9 Coordinators. Students will also have an opportunity to spend time with their LINKS leaders. The first day for Year 9 in term 1 will begin at 8.20 am and students will be dismissed at approximately 12.10 pm. Students should bring their own food for recess.

The School Day

We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and you will find everyone is very friendly. Form assembly is held after recess each day. The form teacher, who is also one of the classroom teachers, takes great care of the girls. Form assembly is a time to hand out important information, mark the roll and check uniform. Each form also elects a Form Captain, an SRC representative who will raise important school issues at the regular SRC meetings, a Social Service representative who looks after fundraising activities and an Environment representative who helps to look after recycling and the school environment.

There are 6 periods each day. On Mondays we hold either a general assembly in the Hall or a sub-school (Years 9 and 10 or Years 11 and 12) assembly where we organise separate events for these girls. In addition there are House assemblies each Monday. At recess and lunchtime the canteen is open. Girls can purchase hot food, salads and drinks or bring lunch from home. The girls are not allowed to leave the school grounds at lunchtime. On Wednesdays formal classes finish at 1:35. This is a time for unscheduled school activities such as sports practice, music and drama rehearsals and excursions. A lot of the time students may be able to go home early, but this time must be kept free for school activities.

Traffic Safety

Classes start at 8:30 each morning so it is essential that your daughter gets to school by 8:20. Punctuality is very important. The increased travel may be one of the biggest changes girls experience. Girls often have to get up much earlier and arrive home much later. To help overcome any concerns about travel, incoming Year 9 students are matched with an older girl who travels on the same train, tram or bus route. In addition the Year 9 Coordinators run a Traffic Safety program early in the year so that girls are aware of the potential dangers of crossing St Kilda Road and Kings Way

Year 9 Camps

The Year Level Coordinators and Head of Middle School run each of the Year 9 Orientation Camps in February. This camp is a fantastic opportunity for the girls to get to know one another and some of their teachers. The camp is a wonderful experience with a focus on cohesiveness, teamwork and friendship. There are many exciting adventure activities each day including abseiling, rafting, a ropes course and bike riding. There is also time to relax by the pool and chat with friends. Evening activities include a trivia quiz, square dancing and a concert devised by the girls themselves. This is an important part of the Year 9 Transition program.

Year 9 Parent Information Session

To further help with transition we have another information session early in the new year. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the Coordinators and discuss any queries or concerns they may have regarding their daughter's transition. This is followed by a lunch provided by the Parents' Association which gives parents an opportunity to meet teachers and other parents in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Year 10 Programs and Camp

Year 10 is a very busy year at Mac.Rob and there are many exciting opportunities for the girls. There are numerous leadership programs in which the girls can participate such as becoming a LINKS Leader, being a tour guide for Open Days, speaking to prospective parents, singing at the Legacy ANZAC Day ceremony and organising joint activities with Melbourne High School. Many Year 10 girls also take up the chance to apply for a student exchange to Japan, France or Germany. The Year 10 Camp at the end of the year is compulsory and is a fundamental part of the year 10 program. It promotes student wellbeing and further develops important leadership qualities as students progress into VCE.

Work Experience program

The Work Experience program is conducted in December. The girls are responsible for organising a one week workplace experience of their choice. Through this process they learn job application and interview skills. The work experience gives the girls valuable information about the world of work and helps them to determine their future career path.

Careers Fast Track

To help the girls consider their prospective career path, the Careers Coordinator organises extensive careers counselling for them. The girls complete a career interest test and a Myers-Briggs analysis and have an interview with a trained careers counsellor in order to determine their occupational preferences.

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