Mac Rob Year 9 Interdisciplinary Program

In our interdisciplinary Year 9 Mission to Mars program, we are developing a plan for a human settlement on Mars using existing resources. Each form class will have to work as a team to comprehensively answer this question:

What does a successful colony on Mars look like?

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from a Mars One top 100 Astronaut;
  • Code a Ranger to navigate the Martian terrain;
  • Create a diet with crickets as a major protein source;
  • Learn and/ or create a new language;
  • Write a constitution for how people should live on Mars;
  • Design a rocket to carry a payload along a calculated trajectory;
  • Step into the role of a journalist to write and distribute press releases about the mission;
  • Examine the psychology of isolation and develop fitness/ wellbeing plans to maintain optimal health;
  • Plan, build and 3D print a hub that is sustainable and energy-efficient;
  • And much more!

Mission to Mars aims to engage students' in new ways of thinking; build their skills in communicating via traditional and new media; harness their diverse strengths to work towards individual and common goals; and to solve problems that have no 'right' answer to prepare them for an ever-changing world. Our program ensures that students will have the opportunity to engage with various disciplines; STEM disciplines, the Arts, Humanities, Languages, and cross-disciplinary capabilities are all explored through this program.

The reasoning behind the Mission to Mars program is to provide students with opportunities to develop their creative, critical and adaptable thinking to supplement and enhance their strong academic capabilities. This reasoning is reflected in the hiring practices of many major companies, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Google, EY, and Apple, who now place less emphasis on university qualifications, and more on diversity in their hiring, focusing on whether the applicant shows the real-world skills and flexibility required to thrive in such dynamic environments.

The program is centred on topical world events: the Earth has limited resources and we are using them too quickly, so alternative scenarios are being considered and developed to plan for the potential need for a resettlement elsewhere. Currently, NASA, Mars One and a renegade group are planning to settle people on Mars by the 2020s. Mars is the centre of a polite space race and the consequence for us is access to a lot of information and expertise which will aid student learning.

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