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Outstanding Mac Rob

Outstanding Opportunities

Students at Mac.Rob are afforded world-class opportunities as a part of their education. Students at Mac.Rob participate in competitions, exchanges, educational programs and partnerships that range from inter-school to international. Students are made transnationally aware through both their formal curriculum as well as through their exposure to people and stories from across the globe.

The mix of students from all over Victoria means that students have the opportunity to find friends beyond their local community and connect with their peers based on their passions and interests. The school is able to support this through the House system, clubs and societies, Form Groups and participation in the many sporting, dramatic, musical and academic teams.

Outstanding Co-Curriculum

The rich co-curricular program of the school allows for students to develop their skills beyond the classroom and interact with their peers across year levels to develop life-long friendships, interests and abilities. The House system of the school places students in one of four houses, taking their namesakes from elemental nymphs: Dryads, Naiads, Nereids and Oreads.

Through their time in House groups, students interact with peers across year levels and develop their capacity in leadership, music, acting, backstage skills, visual arts and sports through various activities across the year, culminating in the House Cup, which is awarded annually at Speech Night.

Beyond Houses, students also participate in clubs, inter-school sports and combined productions with our brother school, Melbourne High School.

Outstanding Educators

Students are supported in their studies by a staff of dedicated teachers, drawing on experts in their fields and working closely with colleagues both at Mac.Rob and across educational institutions. Staff undertake professional readings and regularly review the curriculum to keep it exciting, inspirational and to allow our students to foster a deep love of learning.

Staff work tirelessly to support the students and push them to achieve their best and find pleasure in the rigour of their work. This pleasure is mirrored in the time and care staff take in the preparation of their lessons and commitment to ongoing professional development, including the opportunity to staff to undertake the Mac.Robertson Girls' High School Professional Learning Fellowship, which has seen staff studying at Harvard University or representing the school at conferences around Australia and the world.

Outstanding Curriculum

The Mac.Robertson Girls High School curriculum is built around a strong core program offering a wide range of breadth and depth through our extensive middle school elective and VCE studies. This provides our highly able students with the challenge, enrichment and extension they strive for in a fast-paced learning environment, supported by outstanding teachers.

We have a strong commitment to academic excellence, equipping girls for their tertiary studies and leadership roles in the academic, professional and business communities.

A focus on critical and creative thinking, empathy and transnationalism ensures our girls have the foundations to apply their love of learning in an ever-changing futuristic and unknown world

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