The Palladians Association Inc.

President: Dr Sally Ng

The Palladians Association Inc. is the association of the former students and staff of the Melbourne Continuation School (1905 - 1911), the Melbourne High School (1912 - 1927), the Melbourne Girls' High School (1927 - 1934) and The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School (1934 - onwards). Thus it is one of the oldest alumni groups in Australia.

Connect with a global network of high-profile women educated at Victoria's oldest and finest secondary school for girls through Victorian, interstate and international networks. Access our website for reunions, events and news. All former students and members of staff are eligible to become Palladians.

The recent Strategic Plan can be viewed on the website. It is relevant to younger school leavers through to older school leavers. We are keen to have your input in order to make the association appropriate to all. If you have ideas, time, money and/or would like assist in any way please contact us.

Retain your link with Mac.Rob. Members are kept well informed of current school successes and important proposals affecting the school. As a strong and numerous group, the Palladians can not only present a forceful voice supporting the development of educational opportunities for young women through the state school system and at Mac.Rob in particular but it provides opportunities for inspiration, networking, support and fun among women who share the values of Mac.Rob over the years.

Membership details available on our website

Postal address: The Palladians Association Inc. C/- M.G.H.S. 350 - 370 Kings Way Melbourne Vic 3004 Australia

Please Note: Dates for reunions and news of other members can be found on All former students associated with the various reunions will be sent a personal invitation if their current address is listed on the MGHS database.

Student Absentee03 9864 7759

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