The Mac.Rob Portrait Gallery

Our Portrait Gallery can be found lining the major corridor of the Kings Way Building and recognises past students who have made a significant mark in their field. The idea for the portrait gallery arose from the school's centenary celebrations in 2005. The Making of Women by Pauline Parker in 2006 underscored the importance of capturing and acknowledging the mark made by former students. Establishing a permanent collection of images and biographies of eminent past scholars displayed in the corridors serves many purposes, but most importantly to inspire current students to achieve their personal best. It is also a tangible way to inform the whole school, as well as the outside community, of the many achievements of Mac.Rob students.

Our Portrait Gallery is currently made up of a collection of 56 past students who have become eminent women in their field.

Alumni currently recognised in the current Mac.Rob Portrait Gallery:

  • Eve Ash: 1965-1968: Psychologist, Author, Film Producer
  • Rebecca Jean Beamish (née Howell): 1929-1931: Industry (Company Director)
  • Jo Beaumont: 1961-1962: Violinist, Orchestra Leader
  • Commander Katja Bizilj, RAN: 1976-1979: Commander (Military)
  • Dr Anne Bridges: 1963-1967: Technical Director at AACC International (formerly American Association of cereal chemists) (Business/Science)
  • The Hon. Sally Brown AM (née Hamilton): 1964-1967: Feminist, Judge
  • The Honourable Justice Jo Cameron: 1976 1979: Judge (Judge/Law)
  • Professor Emeritus Norma Chick (née Hayes): 1943-1944: Nursing
  • Destiny Deacon: 1973: Artist
  • Larissa Dubecki: 1987-1990: Writer and Journalist
  • Jill (Jennifer) Eastwood (née Lundie): 1950-1951: Academe
  • Dr Sarah Edelman: 1970 1973: Clinical Psychologist (Academe)
  • Dr Elif Ekinci: 1991-1994: Academic Endocrinologist (Academe/Medicine)
  • Esther Erlich (née Migdalek): 1970 1973: The Arts
  • Dr Beatrice Faust (née Fennessy) AO: 1953 1956: Academe, Social Activist
  • Dr Alice Garner: 1983-1986: Actor/Academic/Historian/Educator
  • Dorothy Geyer: 1942-1945: Education Missionary
  • Kathryn (Kate) Gilmore: 1972-1973: United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights (International Diplomacy)
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Gribble (nee Dallimore): 1952 1955: Academic and Literary Critic
  • Nicola Gunn: 1993-1996: The Arts, Comedienne
  • Antoinette Halloran: 1983-1986: The Arts
  • Joan Harris AM: 1943-1945: Artist
  • Professor Helen Hughes AO: 1943 1946: Economist
  • Amirah Inglis (née Gust): 1940-1943: Writer
  • Lynne Jensen: 1983-1986: Law/Business
  • Katherine (Kathy) Kaplan, OAM: 1970 -1973: Founder of impact (Philanthropy)
  • Debra Knight: 1976 -1977: Business
  • Tan Le: 1990-1993: Entrepreneur, Bioinformatics Scientist
  • Lilian Leonard (née Sayers): 1952-1955: Nursing (Health)
  • Ida Lichter: 1961 1964: Psychiatrist and Writer
  • Dr Helen Light AM (nee Lippmann): 1963-1966: Museum Director, Cultural Consultant
  • Dr Catherine McMahon-1988-1991-Associate Professor, Academic, Clinical Audiologist
  • Eugenia Mitrakas, OAM: 1962-1965: Justice, Community Service (The Arts/Law)
  • Jude Munro AO: 1965-1969: Activist, Public Servant, Local Government CEO, Director
  • Dr Sonja Leigh Nagel: 1970-1973: Rheumatologist Physician Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Professor Ann Nicholson: 1979-1982: Academe, Computer Science
  • Vicky Papachristos: 1979-1982: Non-Executive Director (Business)
  • Katharine Parton: 1996 to 1999; 2007- 2008 (teaching): Director of Music & Bye-Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge
  • Sian Prior: 1979-1982: Writer, Broadcaster, Public Speaker, Musician (The Arts)
  • Mavis Richardson AM PSM (JP) (nee Lynden Bell)-1956 - 1960-Social Worker, Community Development
  • Professor Doreen Rosenthal (née Lapin) AO, PhD, FASSA: 1952-1955: Health (Social Research)
  • Suzanne Margaret Russell (née Westcott) A.M: 1954-1957: Science and Technology, Community Service
  • Dr Patricia Samson: 1953-1957: Teacher, Musicologist and Medical Practitioner (Educator/Medicine)
  • Elizabeth Sheargold: 1998-2001: Debating
  • Mary Sheargold: 1996-1999: Lawyer & Flautist (Law)
  • Susan Sherson (née Terry): 1955 1958: Nurse Educator & Clinical Ethicist (Health)
  • Dulcie Stretton (née Dove) C.B.E.: 1936-1939: Library Promoter
  • Jenny Taing: 1997 -2000: Lawyer, Board Director
  • Wendy R. Taylor (née Brown): 1955-1958: Education
  • Katherine Thomas (nee Hindson): 1939: Statistician, Researcher (Academe)
  • Dr Karin Tiedemann OAM: 1962-1965: Paediatric Haematologist/Oncologist
  • Dr Nicole Tse- -Lecturer and Academic Co-ordinator (Academe/The Arts)
  • Dr Elizabeth Verghese: 1998-2001: Academe, Biomedical Scientist
  • Dr Valerie Volk (nee Welzel): 1952-1955: Writer and Educator
  • Margaret Webb OAM (née Wellington): 1956-59: Principal, Educator
  • Clare Wright (née Perry): 1983-1986: Historian, Author (Academe)

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