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School Council

The School Council is the body responsible for establishing and monitoring the policies of the school. The Council approves of the Strategic Plan, and is responsible for ensuring the school's accountability both to the government and to the school community. The School Principal acts as the Executive Officer to the Council and is responsible for the implementation of Council policy as well as the administration of the school. The members of Council are elected from parents, teachers and the community. Students and past students are represented in the community group. The council reports to the wider school community at the Public Reporting meeting held each year.


The School Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month and observers are always welcome. Please contact the Principal to ensure that the meeting is as arranged. The work that the School Council, Principal and Staff focus on is quality in terms of learning experience and outcomes for students.

School Council Committees

The School Council has established four Committees to carry out detailed work and make recommendations on policy matters. These Committees are:

Finance this committee is responsible for making recommendations on financial planning and contributions to subjects and other costs, and for monitoring income and expenditure to ensure adequate reporting to Council. The Committee also advises on matters such as insurance, investments, negotiation of lease agreements and financial matters relating to the employment of staff by the School Council.

Education Policy the role of this committee is to develop and make recommendations to the Council on educational issues related to school policy; within the context of the philosophy of the school. The Education Policy Committee makes a significant contribution to aspects of the School Strategic Plan, particularly in relation to curriculum goals and priorities. It also provides advice to the School Council on resources. This includes staff development needed to support the implementation of educational policies.

Property and Buildings this committee is responsible for ensuring the maintenance and care of the buildings (including leased properties), grounds, fixtures, fittings and building services of the school. It develops annual and long term plans, advises the Council on priorities for expenditure on maintenance, as well as arranging for and monitoring works and maintenance within the school.

Promotions and Development this is responsible for strategic future thinking for the school. It works collaboratively to work towards the ongoing development and marketing of the school.

2018 Members Of Council

Executive Officer: Ms Anne Stout

School Council President: Dr Sonja Hood

Vice President: Mr Hans-Gerhard Schneider, Dr Mo Jamal

Treasurer: Ms Delphine Cassidy

Parent Members

Mr David Craven

Ms Anitra Goriss-Hunter

Det Employees

Mr Luke Francis

Ms Yvette Arnott

Ms Michele Pride

Mr Ewan Campbell

Community Members

Mrs Margaret Webb OAM

Dr Marita Walmsley

Ms Tanya Skvortsova

Student Members

Ms Samantha Lau

Ms Raagini Mehra

Student Absentee03 9864 7759

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