Senior School (years 11-12)

Head of Senior School

Year 11 Coordinator - Mr Mark Little

Year 12 Coordinator - Mr David Page

Much of the success enjoyed by Mac.Rob students is due to extensive collaboration between staff and students. The VCE curriculum reflects student strengths and interests, while teaching methods promote innovative pedagogical practices aimed at gifted learners.

To ensure a successful transition out of school, our team of Careers Counsellors works with every Year 12 student to help plan and prepare for tertiary courses.

Our Aims

  • To treat every student as an individual
  • To create a supportive environment in which students can maximise their academic success, while enjoying a work-life balance
  • To encourage students to realise personal potential
  • To assist students to make a successful transition to tertiary study
  • To help students transition into adulthood, so that they are able to confidently assume responsibility for their actions

The Senior School Curriculum

Students are able to choose subjects that are tailored to suit specific interests, from a wide range of options. Mac.Rob offers a number of studies that are less commonly found in secondary schools, including Drama and Theatre Studies, History: Revolutions, Philosophy, Music Performance: Solo, Environmental Science, Global Politics, Media, and Extended Investigation. The school also offers a wide range of VET studies, such as Dance, Hospitality and Applied Fashion.

Mac.Rob encourages Year 11 students to gain experience of Year 12 study. Over 95% of Year 11's take the opportunity to study one Year 12 subject, while around a third are able to take two Year 12 subjects. This is not based on student choice alone. The Senior School expects students to show that they can manage this level of study through Years 9 and 10. The aim is to have students construct a course that is challenging but also manageable, thus maximising academic success.

High-achieving Year 12 students are also able to include a first-year university study in their course. This contributes to their final ATAR score, and also acts as credit towards an undergraduate course.

The Senior School Handbook contains the curriculum offered at a VCE level.

Senior Students in the Co-Curricular Programme

Senior School students are expected to provide leadership for the rest of the school. This is done by taking on many leadership positions in the school, from School and House Captains to SRC, clubs and sport.

There is a strong correlation between co-curricular participation and high academic achievement. Usually Mac.Rob's very best students are all-rounders, and they actively create opportunities to combine work, leisure and personal growth. Mac.Rob encourages its students to do more than simply study. Being an all-rounder helps with organisational skills, refreshes students for study, and gives them a chance to develop the full range of their abilities and interests.

Entering Mac.Rob in the Senior School

Mac.Rob takes a number of new students at Senior School level. Some of these students have gone on to become student leaders, such as House Captains, Form Captains, SRC Representatives and Portfolio Captains.

Year 11 is the best year to come, because there is a greater opportunity to settle into life at the school and implement an effective study program.

Student Wellbeing

If any girls are experiencing any difficulties at the school, they can make an appointment to see the Student Wellbeing Coordinator who is available each school day. In addition there are Peer Support leaders, specially trained Year 12 students, who are available at lunchtimes to offer support, friendship and advice.

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