Student Wellbeing

Individual Support

Our Student Wellbeing Team are available to provide confidential assistance to students and their families should they need it.   Where necessary, students may be offered a confidential appointment with one of our trained health professionals for further assessment and ongoing support.

Group Programs

Workshops and groups of varying sorts are organised throughout the year to promote the wellbeing of students. Group programs give students the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge themselves and access or provide support to their peer group. Expert guest speakers deliver interesting and thought provoking programs across year levels, with a focus on adolescent mental health and safety and managing stress.

During Year 9, students undertake a program to learn about sleep. This session covers how we sleep, sleep theories, sleep deprivation, the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene; while our Year 10 students take part in the Headsmart Program which originated from Orygen Youth Heath. This program assists students in their understanding of depression and anxiety.

A Peer Support Program called Friends at Mac Rob (FAM) is led by a select group of Year 12 students and is an important component of our wellbeing program. FAM team members assist students needing advice about school matters and provide lunchtime activities that encourage students to feel part of the school community.

Community Support

There are also a vast number of in person support options available outside of school, including Headspace Centres, Community Health Services, Council Youth Teams and private counselling services.  One of our wellbeing team would be happy to help you locate a suitable service, or you can find something that suits you, through your GP, recommendations or searching the web.

Your local Headspace Centre is a great place to start. They offer counselling, GP, employment and other youth friendly support services for free or low cost. This link will help you find your nearest Headspace Centre.

For those who are unable to make appointments or prefer to access support from home, there are many other options available. Here is a short list of confidential services:

1800 650 890 EHEADSPACE
1800 55 1800 KIDS HELPLINE
13 11 14 LIFELINE

School TV

School TV is a service offered free to MacRob students and parents. Short video clips and fact sheets from trained professionals and organisations cover issues such as school stress, managing exams, cyberbullying, school transition, internet addiction and much more.

STV Latest media

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