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Congratulations class of 2018

Congratulations to our wonderful Year 12 class of 2018! This year has been another year of exceptional academic success at Mac.Rob. Academic success comes in all shapes and manifestations, and the shape we care most about is not study scores and ATARs, but a willingness to learn, to work hard and be curious about the world. This year's Year 12 group has engaged with their learning in an ethical, creative and rigorous manner and we thank them for their contributions to our community. Creative thinking is at the heart of all academic success. Inspiring curiosity and intellectual risk taking is an educational priority at our school. Moreover, as a girl's school, we are proud to be a training ground for Victoria's next generation of female leaders. We are confident that these results will open doors, spark passions and fuel ambitions. We are proud of this group and hope very much they will stay in touch, as they head out into the world. Well done and best of luck.

A Snapshot of our results:

2 students received ATARs of 99.95
20 Perfect Study Scores of 50

ATARS above 99 - 16.2 per cent

ATARS above 98 - 28.2 per cent

ATARS above 95 - 57.7 per cent

ATARS above 90 - 81.7 per cent

Median ATAR: 95.95


Dr Toni E Meath
Principal - 2018

The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

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Student Absentee03 9864 7759

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