• Our mission

    To excel in the education of girls in an intellectually vibrant community.

  • challenging and supportive

    Students' talents, efforts and achievements are rewarded in a trusted environment which fosters mutual respect, personal integrity and a strong sense of self-worth.

  • Educating the whole person

    Provision for intellectually gifted and academically talented students in art, drama, music, sport and leadership, is an essential part of the school curriculum.

  • exceptional academic success

    The school provides an educational experience which equips girls for tertiary study and leadership roles in academic and professional communities.

Latest News

Mac.Rob wins the DAV D-Grade Debating Grand Final

There are few among us who do not find speaking in front of an audience daunting in some respect, very fewer still who excel and relish in it, and fewer again who are able to confidently address an audience and do so while building cogent arguments and rebutting the arguments of others. 

This month, five of our junior debaters showed that they belong steadfastly to that select group of passionate, poised and skilful orators and arguers when they competed in – and won!– the DAV D-Grade Debating Grand Final on November 5th.

Caitlin Fleming, Nandini Shah, Tina Zheng, Aarushi Kaul, and Malathi Jayapadman reasoned and rebuffed their way to the final after a rigorous and competitive semester of debating. Their topic ‘That the government should not fund chaplains in state schools’ was a tough one, and their able opponents, Scotch College, presented an admirable and sturdy affirmative argument. Speaking for the negative, our three Mac.Robbians presented an unbeatable countermodel, rebutted with flair and confidence, and spoke with style and intelligence. They were worthy and gracious victors – congratulations ladies!!! Read More...

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